Anniversaries are very important and emotional moments. They help us remmember all those big and small things that happened in the past. But very often those big dates make us nervous, and mostly for the same old reason: What present to buy? This is the question we have all asked ourselves in one moment and the issue is even more complicated if it’s Your parents’ anniversary. How can you say ‘thank you’ to the people that gave you life and made you a grown human. Here are a few tips for You:


  1. Organize a party – Let them spend a great day surrounded with their family and friends. It does not have to be anything huge, just a small private party where you can all relax and enjoy, maybe even look at the old pictures and remember long forgotten happenings.
  2. Set up a date – On this anniversary, You can give them another chance to feel all the love that they have for each other by setting up a date for them. You can book them a table in a restaurant or buy them a couple of movie tickets. It does not have to be anything too expensive, after all it’s their day and the most important thing is for them to celebrate it together.
  3. Couple rings – Their common life started with a few rings, right? Well, maybe it is time to do it again, maybe even recreate hole new dream wedding. Let them live through their happy moments once again.
  4. Couple photo-shoot – It is similar like couple rings, recreate photos from their wedding day, so they can compare the old pictures with the new ones. Maybe they did not have a chance back at the time to make many or even any pictures. This is the right occasion to make that happen now. Remember, picture speaks a thousand words!
  5. Framed photo collage – Pictures are undoubtedly the best way to preserve memories. Make a collage of the most beautiful pictures of your parents- those that You want to look at every day. You can mix the old pictures with the new ones, let your imagination loose.
  6. Send them on a trip – We all have a dream place we want to visit during our life time. You know Your parents dream place? Why not make that wish come true?
  7. Make a family video – If a picture speaks thousand words, then what about motion picture? Make your own family video, film everything that happens on anniversary day, an ordinary but still special day.
  8. Anniversary vine – 25 year anniversary, 25 year old bottle of vine, simple equation.
  9. Couple watches – Two identical hand watches that represent their time spent together. It is elegant and thoughtful, and a great gift for this occasion.
  10. Book of joint life – It is actually a diary or a memoir book which they should write together, remembering all the nice moments from their life.


Everything you need for a perfect anniversary present is a little bit of imagination and free time. Always have on mind these gifts should be personal and should have a nice story. If you fullfil those advice, You will surely make a perfect gift for Your parents.