All of us are aware of the fact that we live in a contemporary time where technology, social media and marketing play an enormous role when it comes to running our own business. We also know that running our own business starts from small companies or corporations that need strong marketing in order to sell our products or services. Such small business companies mostly rely on social media that help them expand and build influence in business world. We can say that there are many social media that can be useful or even crucial for small business owners. Therefore, we present You a list of 10 best social media that will surely help any business owner in expanding his business:


This social medium is today one of the most visited and most influential media in the world. Facebook enables its users to opet a kind of a business page which can be ‘liked’ by Facebook users round the world. What is important to emphasize is that friends of people who ‘liked’ Your page will be able to see their activity and in this way Your page is being seen by more and more people every day. In such a way Your brand is put in front of target audience to which You might not normally have access to.


Medium like this provides us with an opportunity to put our resume on and search for a job. It can be easily updated and many people see it as a great way to find partners or employees. It enables us to see job listings and interest groups which will eventually bring us benefits.


This is a well-known medium and almost every business owner uses it as an extraordinary means for doing business. For example, many small business owners put the videos of their companies on YouTube showing how their products work or how their services can be useful. Thus, they are humanizing their brands.


Twitter also represents one of the best social media which surely helps expand business. It is a kind of a micro-blogging media site with short and to-the-point posts. On Twitter users ‘follow’ each other, thus more followers You have, the more You will be advertized as a brand.

Google +

It has been opened to brands from 2011. Google+ includes features such as: Circles, Hangouts, Instant Upload and so on. Thus, business owners cannot deny its importance since this is a great opportunity to advertise their brands.


Pinterest is a social photo sharing site and it is aimed at visually appealing products and brands. People round the world share their good taste for fashion, art, furniture and so on. They simply do so by posting pictures of their works and in that way they acquire new partners, consumers and customers.


This site is also very young but in a short time it managed to get many users. When running a business, one first needs to find his target audience and then to decide what social media to use in order to expand his business. So, if target audience are for instance teenagers, instagram is a great mean for advertizing. It provides us opportunity to create a profile and to post photos of our brands and products.


Talkbiznow is a business community site aimed at small business owners and professionals. It is a great site since it enables us to create a profile and a business calendar where one can announce and host webinars, educate his customers but also to connect with other similar companies and to find partners among them.


Ryze is one of the social media that helps professionals. Its membership is free but there are also paid memberships. Ryze has many networks that let existing organizations to connect their members with each other.


It is a bit different from other media because one first needs to show his worth before being able to join it. It is a kind of a private social network where people connect, share meaningful information and work together. Thus, if You know Your business is worth, then feel free to join this site and You might improve and expand it.

We all know that starting a business is not easy and that there would be times when we will have difficulties in making an influence. However, if we use social media we are going to achieve our goals much faster for sure.