Google SEO Guide

How You Can Stay Alive After Google Algorithm Update

Whenever Google updates its algorithm, a lot of website and business owners across the world will lose their traffic. Those who survive only can only tentatively claim their victory, and feel uneasy that they just luckily survive this time.

However, those who survive and those who don’t always have something in common which is that they do not have basic understanding of what causes their websites to die or survive. You can ask Prescott SEO to find out more how you can survive this crisis.

How Important Are Google Panda and Penguin

A sudden loss of traffic means sudden loss of your income. Back in 2011, Google Penguin and Panda updates had totally changed its algorithm affecting website and business owners around the world. Even though these updates were meant to deliver quality websites and blogs back to searchers, but Google was unfairly blamed for the sudden loss of traffic from those sites had lost.

It is quite stupid to wrongly blame people. Remember when you point out a finger, three of your fingers will be pointing back at yourself! It is true Google decides who can be a part of the 1st page, but Google is extremely choosy when it comes to ranking a site. Just a piece of advice: Always remember to create quality and original contents over quantity and lousy contents.

Black SEO

Black Hat SEO Versus White Hat SEO

You can probably get some insight info from the most recent updates from Google Panda and Penguin that will help you for your website to rank better in the search engine.

• Q: What similarity do panda and penguin have?
• A: To simply put, they both have the same color.

Black hat SEO and white hat SEO are as meaningful as black and white in word. In other words, the most important thing is that you must understand each has its impact on Google. Regardless it increases your rankings or decreases your rankings, Google will penalize websites and blogs that use black hat tactics.

What Can Black Hat SEO Do?

When you try to exploit weaknesses, send spam links and cloaking are some of the well known black hat techniques.

• Don’t follow Google Guidelines
• Don’t have a good experience for readers

What Can White Hat SEO Do?

In the meantime, white hat SEO focuses on the readers’ experience like techniques that give readers a better experience, and most importantly follow Google guidelines and policies.

User Is Always King

The main objective that Google Panda and Penguin have is to provide the users with quality informative contents and websites. It’s always been said high quality and original content is the KING, but the current trend does not seem to be the same anymore. It should be “user is king”. Well, creating unique and high quality content is still certainly one of the most important factors that must not be overlooked.

Human Audience Is Google Main Objective

Websites’ owners, writers and readers are all the winners when Google main objective is the human audience. Writers will not have to go through the pain of learning black hat SEO tactics and have enough time to use his/her expertise to create high quality and original content. Readers will be very happy and satisfied to get interesting and yet informative contents from Google search results. It is as simple as that.


Internet marketing can draw a number of people to the website, which you own, therefore it is necessity to increase customers for your business and develop branding of the company and products. If you are just planning your online marketing strategy, here is the top-10 list below that will get you initialized on a plan that may have worked for many.

  1. You need to start with a web endorsement plan and you must require an effective web design and development strategy. The endorsement part is really, important and you need to make a good plan for attracting customers all over the internet.
  2. After getting a good endorsement plan, you need to be featured at the top 10 in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., and for that, you must practice the good Search Optimization Techniques. It is important to be, featured in search engines.
  3. The next step comes in marketing strategy is to learn to use the Email Marketing. This step requires so much patience, because you have to give mails to the customers and convincing them to visit your website. People may or may not open your mail and therefore, you should have patience.
  4. You need to dominate your marketing position with affiliate, reseller, and associate programs. It is a necessary move; you must know the role of an affiliate, a reseller and a person who is running his business by your side.
  5. Then you need to request an analysis from an Internet marketing consultant. The marketing consultant will tell you about various statistics related to your website on the internet. He will tell you the various factors related to the business and if the business is not growing how you can boost it up.
  6. You need to build an approachable opt-in email list; you need to add the people who can reply you whenever you mail them for the assistance. The list must carry the good businesses, which can help t grow your business and give you honest feedback.
  7. Then you need to publish articles or news stories related to your business and the products that you are offering. You have to tell the customers that what product you are presenting and why they need to purchase it. You must convince them by this!
  8. Then you have to write and publish online press releases, which can be beneficial for increasing the business.
  9. In your websites, make easy and run contests for the visitors and offers via your web site. They may be expecting something when they are visiting your website or purchasing the product. You need to give them something in return so that they can come to the website again. As per a survey, the websites who offers something for their customers usually get more visitors than other websites.
  10. You need to write a blog and regularly interact with your visitors. They can ask you or tell about your products. So, do not miss this strategy.

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A few years back most of the business owners especially the small business owners experienced challenges trying to make profit in the online business arena. However, with the introduction of systems like the six figure mentors, the business owners can now successfully set up an online business. The SFM system has been designed to give you the tools and resources you need to learn how to successfully run your online business. Once you start using it you will get access to many tools and products that will help your business grow.

Like most of the systems, SFM has great features that reward the clients. They have great bonus features that you can enjoy. Below is a list of the six figure mentors bonus.

Special training package


As mentioned above, once you create an account you will get access to the training tools that will equip you with the information you need to set up your own online business. You will be given modules that contain a step to step process on how to promote your business. Through the modules you will receive the skills required in the business. Another bonus that you will enjoy once you sign up is the one-on-one guidance from the experts. Most of the marketing systems do not provide you with this privilege.

The joining bonus

When you join the SFM you will be get a signing bonus. If you join as a student you will get the students complimentary membership. This complimentary membership includes a free month subscription and a membership account that is valued at $20. You will also receive the internet laptop lifestyle video which includes 6 hour footage on how to use the tools and resources. Under this six figure mentors bonus you will be given a tour of the system’s digital business. If you join under the VIP application you will get in addition to the above mentioned products, the BlackBook by Jay Kubassek. This is a book that contains steps on how to succeed in online business.

The Digital Business Lounge

When you become a member of SFM, you will get access to their DBL which is a platform that provides you with services to help you run your business. You will get information related to web hosting and customer acquiring tools.

Digital video series

These lifestyle series are free to everyone who joins the SFM. They contain a 7 day series that has been compiled by the team. The series will show you how you can profit from your business.

The referral commission

Through this six figure mentors bonus you will get a commission for every person you introduce. Depending on your membership plan this bonus can earn you from $10 to $1000 in commission.

Access to all the SFM modules


In addition to the weekly live marketing training that you will receive when you join, you will get access to all the modules provided. This will however depend on the type of membership plan you choose.