There are so many ways, according to the physicians, by which we can shred off our body fat. An obese person always looks to decrease his body weight, and always try hard to lose his weight by any means. Here, we will discuss the top 15-ways for anyone, which can help him to burn more body fat. These are –


1.When you are determined to lose body weight, remember that you need to eat properly and everyday you have to avoid yourself from starving. Therefore, you must eat six small meals in a day with the gap of three to four hours.

2.Perform regular exercise, it can be gymming, walking, jogging, running, yoga, etc. it can help you to burn calories from every part of body. If you are in gym, wear your hoodies, when your muscles are warm, you can burn more calories.

3.Use the chewing gum, especially sugar-free after every meal. The mint flavors send signals to the brain that you have to stop eating now.

4.When you are eating peanuts, try to peel off the skin and prefer pistachios instead of almonds.

5.When you are performing exercise, train really faster to keep the adrenaline higher and lower your blood sugar level.

6.Do not starve at any cost, and start feeding on the boiled vegetables. When you are eating these vegetables, you may not like them eating every day. At start you will love, what you are eating, but after a point you will be bored and you will waste your hard work – what you have done before.

7.When you are doing running, always run in intervals not in one shot. Convert the body of yours into a fat-fighting furnace by alternate runs.

8.At breakfast, replace heavy and oily stuff and start eating bowl of oatmeal and boiled eggs. This will give you fiber and eventually you will feel less hungry.

9.Always have a partner by your side during workout sessions, you have to compete with your partner, that person can motivate you, enhance you and can tell about your mistakes. The people who train with their partners stick 34% more to the workout schedule.

10.At this, you have to avoid dehydration. You cannot fool your body, you need to drink sufficient amount of water at least, and the recommended dosage of water for an adult is 5 liters in a day.

11.Avoid fry food such as fries, burgers, fry-chicken, pizza, etc. you cannot add more calories, when you have determined to lose the weight.

12.The best way to shred weight is by – swimming. Swim in laps can activate your muscles and they will work faster.

13.In morning, take skim milk instead of cream and sugar, it can save near about 100 calories in the morning.

14.Do not have a feeling of depression, when someone is depressed he eats a lot and gains a lot.

15.During the session, take a picture every day or every week. It will help you to read your progress.


The best thing about bodyweight training exercises would be that you can perform them anywhere. Seriously. Whether you’re on the train, at the park or in the comforts of your own room, as long as you have enough space to move around, bodyweight exercises are convenient and quite easy. How is this possible? Figuring it out from the name itself, bodyweight exercises only require people to exercise by carrying their own weight. That’s right. There’s no need for any other equipment, no need for plates, barbells, nor dumbbells.

The most common bodyweight training exercises are actually those that target the core. And in fact, there is a very few machines that can do help workout the core muscles. The 5 best bodyweight training exercises to sculpt this group of muscles would be the following: Plank, Side Plank, The Basic Push Up, Squats, and the Oblique Twist.


To do the plank, the person starts off with only his forearm and his toes touching the ground. In this position, the arms are bent at a right angle from the elbow and the toes are curled upward as if in the tiptoe position although in this case, the body is not propped vertically but propped in the prone position. The goal is to hold this position for about 30 to 60 seconds while keeping the torso straight and rigid. When done correctly, tension will be felt in the greater abdominal area.

The next core exercise, which only requires bodyweight is the side plank. In this routine, it is one arm that props up the body and one hand forms a right angle with the ground. The other arm is raised to help keep the balance and avoid falling forward or backward. Similar to the plank, the goal is also to keep the body straight (also take a look at this diet program) and rigid while holding the position for about 30 to 60 seconds. The benefit of this routine is in helping to strengthen the hips.

And there’s the basic push-up. Think of this position as a combination of the starting positions for the plank and the side plank. With the body facing the ground and the arms propping up the body with the hands on as base on the ground, the person tries to balance himself while also getting support from the toes that likewise serve as base. The goal here is to be able to lower one’s body, by bending the arms at the elbows and finishing in the position where the arms are bent 90 degrees. Depending on how many the person can do, this will be the number of repetitions that the person will try to lower himself via the described motion.

The oblique twists that require the person to assume a seated position where the body forms a letter “v”. Slightly reclining with the feet possible resting on the ground, the goal is to keep one’s balance while twisting at the torso from one side to another. This routine helps to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles

If you’re still a beginners, please watch the tutorial video below:

Finally, there is the squat. This is actually a multi-joint movement routine that targets different muscle groups from the legs, the back and the core. The basic movement of this goal is almost similar to sitting down. Not only is this exercise convenient, but it is also efficient. By doing this routine, different muscle groups are worked out with just one routine.

And these are the 5 best bodyweight training exercises for developing the strength of the abs muscles.

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Are you tired of watching your chubby body daily on mirror? Are you getting fatter day by day instead of being slim and fit? Well then, there are many programs for you that have been designed to make a body you have always desired. These days the problem of getting tons of unwanted calories in a body has become major problem for women. It is an obvious fact that there can be no women who want their body loaded with tons and tons of fats. Every woman wants to be slim and attractive.Therefore, here are some programs for you, by which you can make your body slim as well as healthy along with losing weight.

The most popular and effective program for women to lose weight is Venus factor (you can read the review). This program was developed by John Barban and Brad Pilon. In this program, females are motivated to make their body slim and healthy. By adopting this program you have to do neither running nor have medicines. The main key in this program is the mechanism of leptin presented in bodies of female; as the leptin of female is twice as much as male. But those hormones do not work properly as of male. From this plan the body of women will be able to response the fat burning hormone. This program is developed from many experiments and scientific research. Therefore, this program is simply the best program to lose fat from the body of women that is also just in the short time of 3 months.

This is the program made especially for women. Losing weight is not a real problem, if you are really in it. If you don’t want to get involved in such type of programs then you can make a weight losing program yourself. To make it effective you can include following plans:

Running and exercise

It is the simplest way to melt the unnecessary fats from your body. Just run for certain time every day. It is simple, fun as well as easy. Running and exercise helps to reduce the extra calories from your body. You don’t have to worry about exercise materials as there are plenty of exercises that you can do without the help of such equipments. It may take a certain time, but it is the absolute simple method to reduce weight from the body.

Role of fat burners

This is another simple option to lose the weight. There are many fat burners available in markets which help to burn fats from your body. Fat burners also considered as best weapon to lose weight and many women are satisfied from it. It is a medicine which is made from many herbs.Therefore, it has no side effects. Besides that,it also helps to get extra energy, develops skin in a body along with making a body that you have desired. However, it may cost you a little. The fat burners which are popular in market nowadays are Lipofuze, Oxy Select PINK, SlimVox, Quick Trim Extreme Burn etc.

Yoga and trainers

This is another option for you to make your body slim and beautiful. Yoga helps to lose weight as there are many types of exercise included naturally in it. Besides that, yoga and meditation also helps to make your mind as well as body calm. You can also get help from various trainers for the hints and tips. You tube, internet, television can be handful in these type of activities.


Comparison or evaluation

This is the most essential step that you must not avoid. While getting rid of fats and calories from your body, you need to do comparisons. For that, you can check the weight of your body time to time. By doing this, you will get motivated.

These programs can make your body that you have dreamed for. Making body fit and fine is not a big deal if you have strong attention, desire and attitude. You can either do exercise, take fat burners or get participate in popular programs like Venus factor. Choosing between them depends on you but it is sure that these programs will always be effective if you want to lose weight from your body.