Anniversaries are very important and emotional moments. They help us remmember all those big and small things that happened in the past. But very often those big dates make us nervous, and mostly for the same old reason: What present to buy? This is the question we have all asked ourselves in one moment and the issue is even more complicated if it’s Your parents’ anniversary. How can you say ‘thank you’ to the people that gave you life and made you a grown human. Here are a few tips for You:


  1. Organize a party – Let them spend a great day surrounded with their family and friends. It does not have to be anything huge, just a small private party where you can all relax and enjoy, maybe even look at the old pictures and remember long forgotten happenings.
  2. Set up a date – On this anniversary, You can give them another chance to feel all the love that they have for each other by setting up a date for them. You can book them a table in a restaurant or buy them a couple of movie tickets. It does not have to be anything too expensive, after all it’s their day and the most important thing is for them to celebrate it together.
  3. Couple rings – Their common life started with a few rings, right? Well, maybe it is time to do it again, maybe even recreate hole new dream wedding. Let them live through their happy moments once again.
  4. Couple photo-shoot – It is similar like couple rings, recreate photos from their wedding day, so they can compare the old pictures with the new ones. Maybe they did not have a chance back at the time to make many or even any pictures. This is the right occasion to make that happen now. Remember, picture speaks a thousand words!
  5. Framed photo collage – Pictures are undoubtedly the best way to preserve memories. Make a collage of the most beautiful pictures of your parents- those that You want to look at every day. You can mix the old pictures with the new ones, let your imagination loose.
  6. Send them on a trip – We all have a dream place we want to visit during our life time. You know Your parents dream place? Why not make that wish come true?
  7. Make a family video – If a picture speaks thousand words, then what about motion picture? Make your own family video, film everything that happens on anniversary day, an ordinary but still special day.
  8. Anniversary vine – 25 year anniversary, 25 year old bottle of vine, simple equation.
  9. Couple watches – Two identical hand watches that represent their time spent together. It is elegant and thoughtful, and a great gift for this occasion.
  10. Book of joint life – It is actually a diary or a memoir book which they should write together, remembering all the nice moments from their life.


Everything you need for a perfect anniversary present is a little bit of imagination and free time. Always have on mind these gifts should be personal and should have a nice story. If you fullfil those advice, You will surely make a perfect gift for Your parents.


Parents are unquestionably the most important persons in our lives. They give us birth, they raise us and take care of us while we are young. They educate us, take us to vacations and trips around the world. But the most significant of all, they give us their endless support. Whatever problem we might face, our parents are the first to arrive and give us a hand. In their eyes, we actually never grew up and we will always be their children. That is why we need to give them our attention as much as we can. However, we might even buy them presents occasionally, just to remind them how important they are to us. The first question that pops-up is: What should we buy as a present to our parents? Well, one needs to know his parents well in order to have an answer to this question. But, we are here to remind You that parents do not look for material things. They will be more thrilled with presents that will remind them of how great family you are or how you have spent most precious moments together as a family. That is why we present You our suggestions when it comes to unique gifts for parents.

Family Portrait

Portrait of a happy and unique family is something that will decorate any home. But what is more, Your parents will be happy to have it. And if it is a gift from their children, then it would be the best present ever. There are street artists in every place that can paint a perfect family portrait. Moreover, they are not as expensive as gallery artists. Thus a family portrait could be affordable for everyone. Family portrait can be made by simply choosing one of the family photos and by showing it to the artist. They will know how to make it look like all the family were present and posing for the portrait. Plus, such a gift will be a huge surprise for Your parents.

Family Photo Poster

If You are not able to find an artist for a family portrait or Your parents are not fans of art, then You should make a family photo poster. Namely, You need to choose dozens of family photos from all periods of Your lives, then copy them and make a wall poster that will definitely be unique and entertaining for everyone. Just by looking at it on the wall, one can remember all the beautiful moments spent together with his family: birthdays, family trips, Thanksgiving parties, New Years, Christmas and so on. Your parents will then know the true value of the moments and all their efforts they invested in You.

Children and Parents Letter Book Set

This can be a very nice present. The set contains several dozens of empty cards and envelopes that are ready to be used. All You need to do is to write letters to your parents and put them in the envelopes (You might even write the dates on the envelope so that Your parents know when to open them.) Children and Parents Letter Book Set is an excellent way for all those who live far from their parents and who do not see their parents for a long time. This way their parents are able to open the Letter Book and to take one of the letters and read them. They will remind them of how important they are in your life, even though you cannot visit them that often.

My Life Story- So Far

If you yearn for a unique present, then My Life Story-So Far is an excellent choice. Namely, this is a book that has not yet been written. It contains 9 chapters that need to be filled and they represent different time periods from a child’s life. It begins with „The Early Years“ and continues with interesting titles thus creating a kind of a journal with personal memoir that captures everything. In this journal, Your parents will be able to write about your early days, first spoken words, first friends, first days, school problems and so on. They can even glue some photos in it. This way your parents will have a feeling that they are spending time with you in moments when you are unable to visit them.

Family Pillows

Pillows with pictures of family members are a very unique present. All you have to do is to choose interesting photos of your family members and find a company that will print them on the pillows. Thus, every family member will have his own pillow in the house, but what is more the pillows will remind your parents that they have a lovely family.

There are many, many other unique presents for your parents. All one needs to do is to be creative and to give presents that will create warm feelings and that will remind parents of your love towards your family. But if you cannot remember of anything on your own, then try some of the above presents. We are sure they will do the thing.

Christmas is one of the best holidays in the Christian calendar. It is usually a season of love and people get an opportunity to express their love to the people around by giving gifts. One of the perfect ways of gift giving is the gift baskets. With these baskets, you do not have to follow the traditional way of giving gifts. They are cheap and easy to create as you can design your own gift baskets.

Gourmet gift

Gourmet gift basket
Everyone loves to receive edible gifts. Gourmet gift baskets are the perfect choice to give to your loved ones on Christmas. There are different types of gourmet gift baskets that you can choose;
• Hot chocolate
• Coffee and tea basket
• Chocolate and cookies

Wine gift

Wine gift basket
These are perfect for the people who love wine. To get the perfect gift basket, you need to know the recipients taste. As you know, there are different types of wine that you can choose from. You can include red and white wine and champagne. You may mix the wine basket with some gourmet foods.

Crayons gift

Crayons gift basket
These are suitable for children of all ages. These gift baskets will help the children in tapping into their imagination. You need to include a drawing book, coloring books and crayons in all colors. Remember this is a gift basket for the children. This means that you need to include candy and sweet treats in the basket.

Chocolate gift

Chocolate gift baskets
Chocolates are enjoyed by people of all ages so they are perfect gift for Christmas. It is recommended to include both white and dark chocolates in the basket. Buying the chocolate chip will spice up the basket.

Candy bouquets

Candy bouquets
These are similar to flower bouquets only that the bouquets are made of candy. They are unique and special according to the taste of the person receiving the gift. You can buy the ready-made candy bouquet, but it is exciting to make them yourself. There are different designs of candy bouquets that you can make. For example; you can make cake-shaped candy bouquet, lollipop candy bouquet, tower shaped and many more.

Assorted gift

Assorted gift baskets
Assorted gift baskets are usually given to people whose interests are unknown. The gift basket is perfect for the whole family as it will include different gifts.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits baskets
For families that practice strict healthy diets, the fruits basket is the ideal basket. Mixing the fruits create the perfect gift basket. If you are going to include cookies in the baskets, you may want to choose the unsweetened cookies.

Spa gift

Spa gift basket
Every woman enjoys some relaxing time alone. That is the reason why the spa gift basket is the ideal gift to give to a woman. The contents of the gift basket will depend on the taste and interests of the recipient. However, lavender scented products are widely appreciated by most women.