Rowing is a nice sport, and you might have enjoyed doing it, but it can also be a very effective workout. Of course, you don’t have to suit up and run towards the water; you can perform rowing exercise right in your home with a rowing machine.

According to a fitness instructor, Annie Mulgrew, when you do a rowing workout, you target your 84 percent muscles in the body. People have a misconception that rowing machine only exercises the upper boy, but in fact, it’s a good workout for your legs as well.

Rowing is all about intensity, the more intense you do the workout, the better results you will achieve. The rowing machine is more efficient for weight loss than running. It burns more calories than a stationary bike, and it reduces the chances of injury as it put less pressure on the joints.

If rowing machine is so capable then why people don’t use them more than other workout machines? According to Best Resistance Bands Reviews, the reason is that people don’t know how to use a rowing machine. Below is a workout routine that will teach you a perfect rowing workout that makes you stronger and fit. Also, if you wish to know more about who Best Resistance Bands Reviews is, you can find them on their Facebook and Twitter.

Before you can start your workout, first you need to learn the proper form for rowing. It is explained in simple steps below:

1. Take catch posture, bend your knees, keep back straight and stretch your arms forward.

2. Push back with the pressure from your legs while leaning backward at the same time.

3. Once your back is in an incline position, bring the bar to upper abs by pulling, keeping elbows lifted. This is the drive position. Hold like this for few seconds then return.

4. While you are returning, come forward with arms extended straight with a hip hinge, maintaining the core strong.

Keep the core firm throughout the entire motion. This will keep you away from injuries.

The workout is simple. You will perform an interval routine of 20mins. First, start with warm up exercise then move on to the rowing machine and perform 500-meter rowing then do strength moves. For this workout, it is important you have a rowing machine with a monitor that can measure distance.