A few years back most of the business owners especially the small business owners experienced challenges trying to make profit in the online business arena. However, with the introduction of systems like the six figure mentors, the business owners can now successfully set up an online business. The SFM system has been designed to give you the tools and resources you need to learn how to successfully run your online business. Once you start using it you will get access to many tools and products that will help your business grow.

Like most of the systems, SFM has great features that reward the clients. They have great bonus features that you can enjoy. Below is a list of the six figure mentors bonus.

Special training package


As mentioned above, once you create an account you will get access to the training tools that will equip you with the information you need to set up your own online business. You will be given modules that contain a step to step process on how to promote your business. Through the modules you will receive the skills required in the business. Another bonus that you will enjoy once you sign up is the one-on-one guidance from the experts. Most of the marketing systems do not provide you with this privilege.

The joining bonus

When you join the SFM you will be get a signing bonus. If you join as a student you will get the students complimentary membership. This complimentary membership includes a free month subscription and a membership account that is valued at $20. You will also receive the internet laptop lifestyle video which includes 6 hour footage on how to use the tools and resources. Under this six figure mentors bonus you will be given a tour of the system’s digital business. If you join under the VIP application you will get in addition to the above mentioned products, the BlackBook by Jay Kubassek. This is a book that contains steps on how to succeed in online business.

The Digital Business Lounge

When you become a member of SFM, you will get access to their DBL which is a platform that provides you with services to help you run your business. You will get information related to web hosting and customer acquiring tools.

Digital video series

These lifestyle series are free to everyone who joins the SFM. They contain a 7 day series that has been compiled by the team. The series will show you how you can profit from your business.

The referral commission

Through this six figure mentors bonus you will get a commission for every person you introduce. Depending on your membership plan this bonus can earn you from $10 to $1000 in commission.

Access to all the SFM modules


In addition to the weekly live marketing training that you will receive when you join, you will get access to all the modules provided. This will however depend on the type of membership plan you choose.