Social media are today inevitable part of marketing or running a business. One does not have to be a genius to realize that it is all about how well our product is represented on social media and how good is our marketing. Many times we have heard a saying: β€žIt is an advertisement in first place that sells a product.β€œ That is why we need to be aware of the importance social media play in our business life. However, social media have their own marketing trends that change over time. Therefore we could say that every year has its own marketing trends in social media that are a kind of dominating. And so does the year 2014. For this reason we are obliged to represent top seven social media marketing trends in 2014. Let us take a brief look at them:

  • Social media are extremely important and worth the investment

Business owners are aware of the fact that their business is not going to expand with just ordinary and we might even say outdated way of advertising. It is estimated that in 2014 about 90% business owners used social media as a way for gaining influence and having improvements in their work. However, there is one problem. Namely, companies deal with the fact that their employees lack education and training in social media. This, of course, makes it more difficult when it comes to dealing with everyday social media tasks.

  • Some sites were taking the lead thus becoming major factors when it comes to marketing

In past years Facebook and Twitter were among the top social media that business owners used and invested in. However, times have changed and today we are being witnesses of a ‘site-shift’ in which Google+ took their place. More than a half of marketers in 2014 were using Google+ and their platform. Nevertheless, marketers are also concerned about problems within the company, so that the future of Google+ is still unclear. Yet, marketers do not give up on advertizing there.

  • Photo-sharing sites were witnessing great success

Most of us know about these sites which are concentrated on only sharing photos and aiming at visually appealing products. Such media are: Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat. They are all relatively new and they cannot be a serious competition for the most famous sites like Facebook or Twitter. However, they continue to record success and that will eventually bring them closer to their goals – to become a decent competitors.

  • The use of Micro-videos records increase

The year 2014 will be remembered for short videos shared on social media. Such short videos have straight message and they are focused directly to the target audience. Sites such as Vine or Instagram are not unknown to us and for a reason we can say that they were dominating 2014 with these short videos that were carrying direct message to the audience.

  • Some sites are considered to decline sharply

Early in 2014, some of the sites were predicted to record downfalls. However, their personnel did their best and they managed to stay in life even today by developing new and improved app. Such a site is Foursquare. They managed to launch Swarm – an app which will allow users to find friends through neighbourhood sharing, and there is no need to check-in. Thus it remains to be seen whether they will continue to decline in 2015.

  • Some sites were still ‘hanging in there’

For instance, MySpace has not recorded great success in 2014, but it rather remains in the same position as in 2013. In order to stimulate their users to be more active on this site, MySpace has sent emails to their users reminding them that their photos are still on the site. We truly hope that such an effort will pay off and that MySpace will witness a significant increase in the number of their users.

  • LinkedIn witnessed a major growth

When speaking of B2B set, then we need to state that LinkedIn is a primary network for business. According to the research, this site overpasses even Facebook and Twitter for B2B marketers with 33% of marketers who decided to use it.

In the end, we must conclude that 2014 has brought some surprising data to us. There are growth in using photo-sharing sites, micro-videos or B2B sets while at the same time those sites which have not changed anything on their platforms witnessed decline. It remains to be seen how these trends will continue in 2015. We will definitely track the events that are to come.